Ararat Revolt

   The Ararat revolt was one of three great Kurdish revolts during the early years of the Turkish Republic, the other two being the Sheikh Said revolt in 1925 and the Dersim revolt in 1936-1938. The revolt around Mt. Ararat in easternmost Turkey was planned by the Khoybun, a new Kurdish party based in Syria. The Armenian Dashnak Party and the International Minority Movement in the Soviet Union helped with funds.
   Ihsan Nuri was chosen to head a trained, nontribal fighting force in an attempt to move away from the failed tribal uprisings. Nevertheless, various tribal chieftains joined the revolt, including the Jelali tribe who lived in the region. A government was formed, and in the first clashes the Kurds defeated the Turks. Eventually, however, the Turks were able to crush the revolt because of their superior resources. In addition, Turkey obtained border modifications with Iran, which allowed Turkey to surround the Kurdish rebels and cut off their retreat into nearby Iran.

Historical Dictionary of the Kurds. .

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